The Unified State Automated Information System (EGAIS) since July 1, 2016 exists in Russian Federation and demands the obligatory report on production and selling alcoholic products from participants of the market.

According to the legislation, retail stores must sale alcohol using special software module that automatically transfers data from a cash desks to the system base .

To complete EGAIS requirements Producers of alcohol mark alcoholic products with special bar code that is unique for every single bottle. The barcode is ciphered with all the information of the drink - name, the owner of the product, producer, date of pouring and other data.


To provide the solution to Belarusian producers which export alcohol to Russian Federation we developed special software and offer all the hardware that allows to mark each bottle with special DataMatrix code and to send the date to EGAIS using established protocols.

The solution of our company includes printers Zebra ZT 420/410, scanners Datalogic Matrix 300 и Matrix 410. We also use mobile computers Datalogic Scorpio X4 and Datalogic PowerScan PD9500 for smaller conveyers that need operator’s assistance.

Today our solution is successfully realized at 80% of alcoholic beverage factories in Belarus.