Toshiba TCxWave

TCxWave is next generation solution for supermarkets, combines POS terminal, kiosk and self-check-out system functions

Toshiba TCx700

Toshiba TCx 700 — the most powerfull  POS-system system features next-generation technologies

Toshiba SurePOS 500

Toshiba SurePOS-500 —  series of POS terminals based on efficient solutions and remarkable experience  of world leader producer

Toshiba TCx300

Toshiba TCx™300 provides extended functionality that helps to solve all the issues and increase profit

I'MU P2C J-200

Stylish touch POS terminal with innovative design. Aluminum housing, fanless, 10-point capacitive touch display, ability to work in harsh operating conditions.

Posiflex TX-2100

Modern POS-computer is relaible for check-out counters in supermarkets or small local shops

Smart C-310FR

Top sales model of fiscal units for any business including stores with crowded checkout areas


NEXT MG P800TL is a fiscal unit based on a fiscal solutions of the famous  Polish manufacturer POSNET


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